Rose Quartz and Gold Wrist Tasbih

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I designed these beautiful wrist tasbihs when I worked in an office and wanted something minimal and elegant to wear. All of my handcrafted tasbihs feature 33 beads made of either natural gemstones or Swarovski pearls, and professional, high quality stretch cord. The metals used are either 18k gold plated or sterling silver plated. They are available in sizes XS/S (approximately 6.5") or M/L (approximately 7"-7.5"). 

I am so honoured that a selection of these tasbihs are available for purchase at the Aga Khan Museum store in Toronto, and a portion of every tasbih sold through my online shop will also be donated to the Museum. 

The photos above feature as a backdrop a beautiful arabesque coaster designed by Rahim Bhimani. Sets of these coasters are also available at the Aga Khan Museum shop.

Caring for your Tasbih:

  • Always roll your tasbih over your hand to put it on. Never pull the cord to fit it over your hand. This will help to keep the stretch cord at its best.
  • Avoid exposing your tasbih to lotions, perfumes, sunblock or sweat. If the piece does come into contact with any of these things, wash it with a gentle, oil free soap (dish soap or shampoo works great!) and a light brush to remove any dust or dirt from in between the beads. 

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