Lookbook, Autumn 2015

Azki Jewelry Lookbook

After months - or maybe even close to a year and a half! - of thinking about and planning it, my lookbook is finally posted! 

I'm really proud of it as the whole thing was done in-house, with yours truly modelling and also editing the photos. My lovely fiancé, Sina, did all the photography - having never used a DSLR before, he picked it up pretty quickly and actually ended up having a lot of fun with it. We shot the photos at my sister's cottage in the Kawarthas on a brisk September afternoon. 

Some things I learned in the process:

- Modelling is hard! I was really trying and I still felt like a total amateur. We had to do so many test shots in the beginning just so that I could settle on a few poses that looked halfway decent - you'll notice the same poses repeating because that was my entire repertoire! Also, I was freezing for most of the shoot because it was only 14 degrees out and all I had on was a thin white sleeveless top. Sina had to get a little creative with the angles he was shooting from to omit the many blankets I had wrapped my lower half in! And even with them, I still caught a cold by the end of it. So no, modelling is not my backup career plan ;)

- Taking photos is lots of fun. Editing photos is sooooooo not. Especially if the photos are closeups of yourself. My self esteem took a bit of a hit from all the blemishes I had to edit out, which I'm normally blissfully unaware of.

- I need more of my own pieces in my jewelry box! You would think that being a jewelry artist, my displays would be full of every single design I've made, but - actually, I've been so busy building up inventory for shows that I have neglected my own wrists, ears and neck! Hopefully now that things in my life are settling down a bit I'll have some time to update my jewelry wardrobe with new pieces, especially all the new rose gold filled stuff - it's just so gorgeous! 

Enjoy the lookbook - and feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to see next!

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