Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendant Necklace in Gold Filled

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendant Necklace in Gold Filled

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This beautiful necklace features an absolutely gorgeous briolette stone pendant and warm, rich gold. The gemstones are of the highest quality, with facets to give them lots of shine. All metals used in this piece are 14k gold filled.

You can choose whether you'd like the pendant on its own, or if you'd like to add a gemstone or freshwater pearl accent on one side of the chain.

Gold filled is a layer of solid gold that has been bonded to a base metal — usually brass — using heat and pressure. The result is that, unlike regular gold plating, gold filled metals don't tarnish, the gold doesn't flake or wear off, and they are generally safe even for individuals who have a sensitivity to gold plating. There is up to 600% more real gold in gold filled than there is in standard plating. Gold filled looks and feels just like wearing solid gold, but at a fraction of the price.

Jewelry with Integrity

What is "Jewelry with Integrity"? It is your assurance that I've used the best, safest materials and an ethical process to create beautiful, affordable and durable pieces of jewelry that you'll be able to enjoy for many years to come. I personally test out every new design before I post it in my shop to ensure that it meets my own high standards.


Each piece is beautifully wrapped in a 100% recycled kraft paper gift box, which can be used to store your jewelry to protect it from damage and tarnishing when you’re not wearing it. I also ship using 100% recycled bubble mailers, and all of my packaging is made either in Canada or the USA.